The task

  • Inform the end user in Germany about the launch of Häagen-Dazs’ first fashion collection at Berlin Fashion Week
  • Accompany the presentation of the fashion collection at InStyle Lounge in Berlin
  • Generate publications about the new packaging design of the ice cream type peanut butter crunch

The activities

  • Initiation of media exclusives following  Häagen-Dazs’ very first fashion collection and launch of their new packaging design
  • Coordination  of presentation at InStyle Lounge at Berlin Fashion Week
  • Hand-to-hand contacts with key journalists and influencers

The results

  • Publications in relevant glossy women’s magazines (on – and offline), in monthly press and online magazines as well as on social media
  • Up to 9.000 participants in online competitions
  • Publications with a circulation of approx. 6 millions  during the 2 month  run of the campaign