What we do

Four facts that make us your perfect match:

1.We are lifestyle experts! Be it fashion, food or fun: Our knowhow with respect to lifestyle makes your dreams come true. Given our longstanding contacts with print journalists, bloggers and online editors we make sure your brand becomes talk of town within no time at all!

2. We keep our act up! You must also be fed up to only see the agency boss at the pitch – only to be handed down to constantly changing interns! At Style & Brands Corinna Lemm and her team attend to every project in person. From concept to implementation – with passion, commitment and verve.

3. We make flexible offers! Every brand is different – and this is just why hand-me-down concepts are not our cup of tea. We rather leave it up to others to copy and paste uniform verbiage into their pitches and prefer teaming up your visions with our creativity – while always keeping an eye on your budget.

4.We get going! You can chitchat with others – we cut to the chase! Quickly, directly and without beating about the bush. While others still soften you up with complicated analysis we long since have our sleeves rolled up and kick off! Style & Brands are doers – at 100% and more.

What we know – Four competencies to meet your desires:


Social media platforms are the advertising pillars of the modern age – and we know how to best paste things up on them to perfectly and sustainably position your brand in the web.


For more than 20 years Corinna Lemm has been tickling the public relations ivories – virtuosic, true and harmonious. PR is our home run – and your success!


Be it press conferences, store openings or lifestyle parties: Style & Brands turns events into unforgotten experiences. From a sound orchestration to a loud spectacle: We get a bang out of things – to make your message understood.


We like doing it together – this is why we team up with an experienced pool of national and international partner agencies, experts, creative minds, graphic designers and copywriters to make your communications strategy truly à la carte.