K&L Social Media

The task

  • Develop measures to communicate the launch of the mineral water Bella Fontanis onto the German Market

The activities

  • Organization of a press conference in Munich with advertising ambassador Heidi Klum
  • Initiation of interviews with Heidi Klum and lifestyle magazines as well as with radio and tv stations
  • Extensive media work in the run-up of the event and comprehensive follow-up
  • Exclusive cooperation with the wellnes magazine “Shape”

The results

  • Attention of approx. 100 members of the press at the press conference in Munich
  • High-profile publications in print and online media as well as on radio and television (for example RTL “Punkt 12”, RTL “Exclusiv”, ZDF “Leute heute”) with total circulation/audience/PI of
    31,5 million within six weeks after the kick-off